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Agriculture Track

1. Brief Introduction:

    Our products have been widely used for the engineering machineary and reaping machineary of many countries, such as Japan, Korea, America and Europe etc. We have formed a complete production network with many reaper factories such as World, Fonton, Zhongshou etc. Our products are long tested and have obtained numerous customers' recognition. 
2.Main Type:

    Agriculture track & Engineering track
3. Notice in Usage:
     A. Check rubber track`s tension when it is fitted. A low tension may cause a drop-off the rubber tracks in movement. 

     B. Generally when the machine is its lifting position, check the center roller of the tracks with sag distance to be 10-15cm. 

    C. Avoid quick starting or turning the machine on sharp edged or projected ground. 

     D. Keep the surface of rubber away from oil or grease. W ipe off immediately while it is oil stained. 

     E. Avoid corrosion between rubber tracks and other components of the machine, especially on  its inner circumference.

     F.  Do not use heavily worn driving wheel because it may damage the iron teeth of the rubber track. 

     G. If the machine is unused for a long time, the rubber track should be dismantled and cleaned of mud and other useless materials and kept indoors from direct sunlight and raindrops.

     H.  As it is rubber-made products, the rubber track would work well under the temperature between -25OC—55OC. However, special rubber may meet the special needs of customers.

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